Tuesday, March 27, 2012


For this whole journey to Singapore River at Clarke Quay and Asian Civilisation Museum for the eLearning activity, we have broadened by knowledge of education by a vast amount and that is impossible to find during curriculum lessons. The scenery there is quite beautiful as there are Skyscrapers along the River and many boats shaped in the past that are in operation. There are many tourists who took a cruise in those boats too! We could tell they were quite fascinated by the scenery there. At some areas along the River where the are selling Ice-Cream stalls. We took a bite there for rest after we had done the activities in the Asian Civilisation Museum.

We faced difficulty traveling but we could not do anything about it because we had to walk on foot from place to place. During peak periods, there are many adults who sit along the benches outside the office building or the stairs along the river to take their lunch. They would stare at us which made us feel rather uncomfortable. They probably thought we were all playing truant! So we had to try our best to avoid any eye contact with the adults.

If we had the opportunity to do this task again, we would first plan our schedule and split up the work as this round was rather disorganized. This would save us tremendous amount of time.

By: Yeo Hung Kye

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